5 Places in Asia Where You Can Have an Amazing Trekking Experience

Come out of the same old boring beach and party destinations this holiday season and gift yourself a different holiday experience. A holiday filled with adventure and excitement! Trekking holidays are very refreshing, and for a change you will definitely enjoy this type of trip. There are thousands of options in terms of selecting a trekking destination across the globe. Here, in this article, you will know about the top 5 trekking places in Asia. Asian countries are rich in their culture and diversity. A trip to Asia can be a different experience, and you can also enjoy some interesting specialties of Asia. 

Trekking Experience

The following 5 places are the best out of all, taking into consideration many things. Hope it will help you to plan your best ever trekking trip.

  • Malaysia:  Malaysia has few beautiful tourist spots, and when it comes to trekking, Mount Kinabalu is the ideal location. If you are ready for a physical and mental exercise, then pack your bags to head towards this country. For climbing the World heritage Site, you don’t need any specific training. But don’t underestimate its route because it will sweat you out. Even very enthusiastic walkers and trekkers find it challenging to climb. It takes around 2 days for completing the trek, if you choose the shorter route. The longer route takes even more time; in case you want to extend your trip you can go for this route.


  • Vietnam: Vietnam is not a very talked about tourist destination.  But don’t go by the news. Trekking in Vietnam is definitely going to be a fun filled holiday. If you are looking for a budget holiday, then this is the right place to go. You can enjoy your holiday at a reasonable cost. Sapa is a popular trekking destination in Vietnam. You can enjoy the rich culture of the country along with adventurous activities.

Trekking in Vietnam

  • Japan: Mount Fuji should be your destination in Japan. It is the most sought after place for hikers and trekkers. Mountain climbing is the most thrilling activity. People in groups participate in mountain climbing activity and do a lot of fun activities in between. Again, you don’t have to be an expert in climbing; a pair of appropriate hiking shoes is just what you would require.

Mount Fuji

  • Thailand: Phi Phi Island of Thailand is another name in the list that cannot be ignored. The viewpoint of Phi Phi Island will surprise you with its surrounding beauty. Many movies are shot in this location. Reaching to the top is not a very difficult hike. It takes lesser time, but certain vertical inclinations on the way are challenging to cross.

Phi Phi Island

  • China: One of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China is an amazing place, which cannot be missed out from the top 5 list.  You will be dazzled to see the walls 13000 miles long.  A walking tour to this place is going to be the best walk of your lifetime.


There are many other places in Asia, where you can plan a wonderful trekking trip. But these 5 hit the top list. The above mentioned places do not need any expertise or training for trekking, so you can plan a trip to these spots without any worries.

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Dos and Don’ts for Japanese Travellers

Japanese are very friendly and welcoming. They have rich culture, natural beauty, profound history, epic shopping and gracious hospitability. After the world wars, Japanese culture was largely influenced by American and Europeans. In spite of adopting the western culture, they still maintain the old customs and traditions.

Almost everyone in Japan is polite and follow disciplined behavior. Japanese believe that no matter it is, they are nice and give utmost respect to their guests. Given here are some dos and don’ts to make your trip to Japan most enjoyable.

Japanese Travellers

Japan Travel Don’ts:

  • They don’t eat or drink while walking around in public. They are not allowed to take any drink or food inside a store, and they should also avoid spitting, sneezing and burping as well.
  • In Japan, people do not sit until told as there is a seating arrangement in business gatherings according to their professional status. Once the meeting is over, people having the highest honor will vacant the place first and then the people who report to them.
  • Giving tips in tips in Japan is not customary, and people tip only for special services.
  • People do not eat from the serving plate, no matter where you are, in restaurant or at home.
  • Japanese drinking status ‘Kampai’ means people do not start drinking until everyone at the table is served and glasses are raised to toast.
  • They don’t say things like “I hope to see you again” when parting
  • You can take photos of geisha only after taking the permission.
  • Men’s bathroom has blue curtains and females have red or pink curtains.

Japan Travel

Japan Travel Dos

  • It is usual in Japan to remove shoes at the door before entering a home, restaurants or office. You may exchange your shoes with house footwear before stepping up into a building. Avoid wearing socks with holes in them.
  • Japanese wear casual clothes in the workplace. Men should wear a suit and tie for any business occasion and women need to wear a dress or pantyhose.
  • Bringing small gifts from your home country and exchanging them is also a custom in Japan.
  • Visit temples frequently, even if you are not religious or spiritual person, and be open to experiencing newer ways of leading a life.
  • Do learn some common Japanese phrase before you leave for Japan, as there are very few people who can speak in English as well as the local language
  • Japanese bow when they greet someone, and it is the common custom of Japan. Recently, handshaking has become common for business meetings with westerners.
  • When you address all men and women, use the honorific suffix such as ‘san’
  • When you are thanking someone, it best you bow. You can also say thank you or “domo arigato” in Japanese, and tilt your head bit forward to show a gesture of appreciation.
  • Do not be greedy while enjoying food, just take a single piece and bow slightly.
  • If you have been invited for a dinner, do prepare to pay at restaurants. Always offer to pay or at least pay some part of the bill.
  • Do enjoy sharing several dishes at the table instead of having your own dish.

Japanese Travellers


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An East Coast Australian Road Trip Adventure

For many international travellers, Australia’s east coast is a mysterious, exciting, exotic holiday destination just waiting to be explored. What better way to experience this region of the Land Down Under however, then to undertake the well-travelled road trip pilgrimage from Sydney to Cape Tribulation.

This spectacular 2700 kilometre trail not only offers travellers amazing scenery as they meander their way through a variety of different landscapes, it also provides access to a number of fantastic little Australian townships that they otherwise would never see. The main must see locations along the way though, are places such as Sydney, the Gold Coast, Fraser Island, the Whitsunday Islands and Cairns.

Sydney is the starting point for most Australian road trip holidays as the majority of flights from Europe and the UK tend to arrive at the city’s busy International Airport. This is great for holiday makers however, owing to the fact that Sydney boasts a multitude of amazing attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Australian Road Trip Adventure

The Australian capital is also a great location for potential road trippers to rent or purchase a vehicle (depending on the amount of time they intend to spend travelling), with websites such as Gumtree generally the best place to start looking for cheap transport options.

The Gold Coast
Located roughly 850 kilometres north of Sydney, the Gold Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, owing to the sheer number of sights and attractions on offer. Surfing, shopping, partying and hanging out on the famous Surfers Paradise beach are some of the most prevalent pastimes in the region, although the destination’s official website also provides travellers with an up-to-date account of interesting happenings in the area.

Road tripping holiday makers, who get sick of the beach, may also enjoy renting a four wheel drive from a reputable company such as National Car Rental, and heading out into one of the numerous great national parks located in the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Locations such as Tamborine National Park and Springbrook National Park offer an amazing array of hiking trails, waterfalls and gorges, which are certainly worth exploring.

Hervey Bay and Fraser Island
Hervey Bay and Fraser Island situated 370 kilometres north of the Gold Coast are two more great locations for travellers looking to get back to nature. Both sites are considered prime whale watching areas, whilst Fraser Island also allows holiday makers to get up close and personal with a variety of well-known Australian animals, including dingoes and turtles. Road trippers who have purchased their own four-wheel drive may even like to test their mettle on some of Fraser Island’s gruelling four-wheel drive trails.

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays
The Airlie Beach / Whitsundays region, located approximately 880 kilometres north of Hervey Bay, is said to be the most visually spectacular area in the country, in addition to providing out of this world hiking trails. The Whitsunday Islands are also the perfect place for holiday makers to leave the road and take to the water, with various sailing vessels offering one in a lifetime trips around the islands.
pacific morning

Cairns and Cape Tribulation
Cairns and Cape Tribulation, roughly 630 kilometres north of Airlie Beach, are two of the most fascinating destinations on the east coast, and generally signal the end of the road for most international travellers. Nestled between lush tropical rainforest and the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef National Park, the region is perfect for diving, snorkelling, four-wheel driving and partying which all make for the perfect end to a road trip adventure.

In short, there is no better way to discover Australia’s stunning east coast than via a once in a lifetime road trip. Once international adventurers have seen the east coast however, they generally find themselves planning their next trip, as there is simply far too much to see in one visit!

How to Gear Up For a Stress-Free Beach Vacation?

Vacation is indeed a stress buster. You can spend quality time with your family and relax yourself away from the mechanical and boring life. With only fun activities in mind, you can excite your mind and body.


You can opt for any of the below options for enjoying your vacation –

  • Beach
  • Historical
  • Hill Stations or villages
  • City
  • Safari
  • Road trips
  • Water sports
  • Activity
  • Trekking

If you are a person who is interested in adventurous activities then check for skiing, yachting or sky diving. If you wish to just rest and relax, opt for a cool hillside or a village where you can enjoy with wine and dine.

check for skiing

Of all these options, beach place vacation is the most opted one. You can chill, participate in different water activities, and have fun with your friends. Also beach is one place where everyone, irrespective of their age will surely enjoy.

Decking up for a perfect beach get away

So you have chosen a getaway place, for your vacation. What’s next? Of course packing your clothes is the other thing that has to be done quickly and properly.

beach getaway place

Summer clothing

The first and foremost item to go inside your backpack would be your colorful summer dresses. Pack up with some cool shirts and T shirts with shorts or skirts. Also remember to pack your swim suit, so that nothing can stop you from playing with the waves. A cool pair of sunglasses, a couple of hats, minimum of accessories, and beach slippers should be enough for your packing.

Summer vacation clothing

Keep your dressing to the minimum with light makeup and accessories.


You can carry few books to read on the beach, while doing nothing. Relax and enjoy the pleasant winds, and read some romantic books.



Do remember to put into your bag a couple of sunscreens with high SPF, which will protect you from the direct and harmful UV rays. You are on a beach vacation, wherein you would be exposed to the sun for the most of the day.



Beach towels and napkins are very essential. Also having an umbrella is a safe bet. This may come in handy in case of sudden showers.

Beach towels

Beach games

If you are planning for a vacation with kids or friends, then the best bet would be to have some games with you such as flying discs, balls etc. This will keep the kids entertained during the entire trip.

Beach games


A very essential must keep for a vacation would be snacks and water, especially if your kids are also vacationing with you. Few bottles of water and different varieties of snacks would fill in your toddler’s stomach. For example, if you are visit a place like Fuengirola Zoo this is an important thing to remember, as no restaurants or snacks bar will be available during the safari.

Fuengirola Zoo


Happy and memorable moments will be the outcome of a beach vacation. Ensure that you capture them in your camera, so don’t forget to carry it along with you. The pictures would be the nostalgic and cherished by your forever.


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John is an ardent blogger and he normally writes about popular beach destinations. If you are looking for to visiting Fuengirola Zoo with your children, visit their site to learn more.

10 Tips For Care Free Travel In Australia

Australia is a popular holiday destination, with sandy beaches, national parks, great dive sites and a warm climate. Here are some tips for keeping your trip relaxed and care free.


Before you travel to Australia, you will need to arrange a Visa. This will need to be done before you leave home.

Luggage allowance

Find out the luggage allowance imposed by the airline before you travel. If the items that you want to take exceed the luggage allowance, you can send a parcel to yourself at the holiday destination. This way, you can still take the items that you want without exceeding the limit.

Know the customs restrictions

It is prohibited to bring items such as drugs and weapons into Australia, but what some people may not realise is that there are also restrictions on some common items. Certain types of food, such as fruit, eggs and meat, are also prohibited.

If you need to take any prescription medication, this will need to be declared. It may be useful to take the prescription with you.

Travel In Australia


The majority of shops in Australia accept major credit and debit cards, so you will not need to take a large amount of cash. It may be a good idea to take travellers cheques as well, so you can acquire cash if you need it.

Chargers and adapters

Make sure that you take the chargers for your mobile, camera and any other devices. You may also need an adapter if travelling from another country.

Sun block

This may seem obvious, but you will need to take a good quality sun block. A higher factor than usual may be required for the Australian climate. The factor needed will depend on your skin type, but bear in mind that you can get sunburnt in as little as fifteen minutes in the Australian summer.

It is also important to reapply sun block regularly, particularly after swimming.

Swimming safety

Australia is a great location for swimming, but you need to ensure that you are swimming in a safe area.

There are usually red and yellow flags on the beach to indicate the safest areas for swimming, so make sure that you do not venture outside the indicated areas.


It is a good idea to take a bottle of water with you whenever you go out. Even if you are not planning on doing anything strenuous, you may need to replenish fluids more often than usual due to the heat.

Coastal Taipan


Australia has some interesting wildlife, but some of it can also be dangerous.

There are various poisonous snakes and spiders, and although bites are rare, you should wear protective footwear when hiking. Also ensure that you only swim in areas marked as safe, as there are crocodiles and sharks in Australian waters.

Be prepared when bushwalking

If you are planning a hike, check the difficulty of the route first. For a particularly challenging walk, it may be better to hire a local guide. Ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing and take plenty of sun block and water.

Should you decide to go hiking alone, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

Algarve for Sun, Sea and Sand

Portugal’s Algarve coast is only 100 miles long, east at the Spanish Border to the West and the Atlantic Ocean. It still retains much of its charm from the days before tourism in great numbers. In those days the locals were farmers and fishermen and those activities still ensure that tourists can enjoy wonderful cuisine during their holidays, once the sun has gone down and it is time to dine.

It is the guaranteed sunshine that led to the growth of the area as a tourist destination and the infrastructure to cater for the millions of visitors that visit each summer is now well developed.

Faro and onwards

Most of the visitors fly into Faro Airport and move on to their resorts for the holiday. Faro itself is not a tourist center but its airport links with most regional airports during the peak season. Flight times are around three hours even from the most northerly of the UK Airports and resorts such as Albufeira are then a mere thirty miles to the West. In no time you will be in your accommodation.



Albufeira is on the coast and has everything a holidaymaker might want. The energetic may fancy golf though that is sometimes more popular on the Algarve in the Spring and Autumn when conditions are slightly cooler. However, there is no holding back when it comes to water sports, skiing, paragliding or more leisurely sailing.

The Algarve is steeped in history and if you want to go inland to enjoy the Natural Algarve nothing is too far away. This area was occupied by the Romans, traded with the North Africans then fell under the influence of the Moors and their Muslim religion. It was the Moors who came from the dry south who developed the agricultural techniques that meant the locals became more than fishermen.

All the facilities

There are many modern bars and restaurants that cater for those in search of a busy nightlife but each of the Algarve’s towns still treasure their original buildings and Albufeira is no exception; the Old Town is well worth a visit and the influence of the Arabs can be seen in the architecture.

The cuisine of the area is wonderful. Many of the traditional dishes are based on fish supplemented by local produce, olive oil and fine wine. Many tourists lack the adventure of trying the local fare and prefer instead to eat and drink as they would at home. That is no problem.

Northern Europe has had a series of poor winters; that makes the Algarve an extremely attractive option for guaranteed sunshine and the problems within the Portuguese economy means the country wants to attract as many tourists as possible. Few will be disappointed with this wonderful part of the Mediterranean and accommodation such as Club Praia da Oura which will make certain that everyone gets a warm welcome. It’s worth looking online and getting a booking made to fly off this summer.

Expert Guidance Can Help You Make the Right Holiday Decision

Holiday time means making decisions and plans for a wonderful time that will create memories that last a lifetime.  Whether you want a beach vacation, vibrant nightlife, a skiing vacation, or a trek in the mountains, Spain can fulfil your vacation needs and renew your energy and enthusiasm.  If you partner with an experienced travel expert, you can have premium accommodation, convenient flights and transfers, and adventures that you’ll remember for many years to come.  If it’s a family vacation, Take some time to discuss with your family what the holiday should be like before you make any plans; including everyone in the decision-making process will ensure you of a more enjoyable experience.

Vacation Destinations

You’ll have to decide what you want your holiday to include and the destination that you desire.  Make a list of the vacation requirements that you have to share with your travel expert for a better suggestion from this experienced professional.  Your list should include:

Carefully Make Your Plans

  • The type and size of accommodation that you’ll need
  • The amenities that you prefer
  • The activities and excursions you are interested in
  • The type of dining you prefer

It’s also wise to ask questions about the climate so that you can pack the right apparel for your vacation; queries about the types of transportation available at the location should also be addressed.  Going on walking trips with older people or children can be an unpleasant journey that can be avoided if adequate modes of getting around are handy.

Carefully Make Your Plans

When you narrow down your selection to three locations, check to compare prices so that you can vacation within your budget.  Also look for children’s programmes and activities that will keep them happy and engaged on your trip; don’t forget to check out the activity for teens that tend to get bored very easily on family vacations.  If you are travelling with older people, make sure that their interests are addressed and any physical limitations that they have are handled in detail so that they can move about freely with the rest of the group.  If anyone in your group has any special needs, make sure that your travel specialist is aware of the situation so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

Carefully Make Your Plans

Partner with the Right Team of Travel Specialists

Holidays to Spain will be much more enjoyable if you take some time to carefully plan for the experiences that you desire to have whilst there.  When your travel specialist makes some suggestions and recommendations, take the time to research the location to see if it will meet your holiday requirements.  Remember to include everyone in making plans for your trip so that each member of the travelling party will have some activity that interests them.  Whether you’re packing for the kids, attending to the details for your adult companions, or getting your holiday apparel ready for the journey, partnering with a professional can reduce your stress and help you to have an enjoyable time with the people that you love the most.

What Is the Difference between A Static Caravan And A Touring Caravan?

Many people choosing to buy a caravan will be considering the differences between static caravans for sale and touring caravans for sale and what benefits both caravans have to offer. In this article we discuss what the main differences between static caravans and touring caravans are and which one will be better for what you need it for.

Static Caravans

A static caravan is ideal if you have a holiday location that you love, it means that you can return to the holiday park again and again and you don’t have to worry about it being fully booked.

Static Caravans

You don’t have to tow the caravan from one place to the next, park it up and put the awning up; when you get to your static caravan it is all ready for you, exactly as you left it.

There is no need to organise storage for your caravan throughout the year (which can be costly) as the static caravan stays on the site throughout the year.

Static Caravans also offer modern conveniences such as double glazing (to help with warmth) and washing machines so you do not need to traipse into town looking for a launderette, instead you can pop your washing on and go out for the day.

Static Caravans

Caravan holidays in Wales are a great example of this. The beaches in Wales are some of the most sought after in the UK so many people return year-on-year to these parts and for this would require a static caravan.

Touring Caravans

Touring caravans allow for spontaneous holidays to different locations, but it is important to remember you must drive a powerful car to pull a caravan and you must drive very slowly to your holiday destination.

Touring Caravans

In touring caravans you will find that seating areas are converted to sleeping areas to sleep more people and a touring caravan can be a lot smaller (with less windows) than a static caravan.

In some touring caravans you will have a kitchen but you may not have a toilet, so you will need to use the washing facilities on the holiday park. Touring caravans are ideal for when you are the type of people or family that like to explore new pastures every time you go on a short break or holiday. A touring caravan may not be as luxurious as a static caravan but it is a lot more mobile, which means you can trawl it around the whole of the UK and won’t be just stricken to a beach holiday in Wales.

Touring Caravans

Both a static caravan holiday and a touring caravan holiday have then pro’s and con’s and it ultimately depends on the type of holiday you want to endure when considering which option to opt for.

Static caravans are ideal for those people that want to remain in a location that they enjoy, whereas a touring caravan is perfect for the traveller type of person who enjoys exploring new locations.

Why Whale Watching Brisbane- The Most Exciting & Rejuvenating Activity

The Antarctic and Arctic are known as the whale’ natural habitat but they like to breed in the warmer waters. Their favorite destinations have been assessed to be the coastlines of the Australia. You have many options in the Australia for the whale watching if you are planning your holiday. You can experience them from the vantage points or you can go to the whale watching tours, which allows you to have a closer experience of them.

Whale watching Brisbane has emerged out to be the best options among the others. There are many highlights of this place and it is becoming a favorite spot among the tourists. It is an excellent spot for the whale watching particularly watching their humpbacks moving up and down as they meander across the coastline. Certainly, you do not want to compromise even a bit regarding your holiday and want to do most of your holiday. Therefore, there are certain things, which you need to keep in mind while you plan your holiday to Brisbane. Below are mentioned some of the highlights of this place which will make clear why you should choose it.

Why Whale Watching Brisbane

To have the best View you have the options of the Cruise

Many people just love the sea and whales. They want to enjoy their journey with the pleasant sound of the water taking the extreme pleasure. You have all these opportunities available in Brisbane. The cruise experience will not only give a firsthand experience to the viewers of these wonderful creatures but offer them a splendid know-how of the scenic beauty of nature. You will understand the need to nurture the precious wildlife when you will closely watch these creatures. The following are the specialties of the cruise.

  • You can have the cruise packages per your configuration. It is not mandatory to have all the things as compulsory and you can tailor the package as per your convenience. A number of agents are available and you can easily choose the package, which suits you.
  • You will be served with extreme care and will have accomplished professionals serving you. From morning tea to the late night drinks, you have the availability of each and everything.
  • If you have problems reaching the departure place then you can easily avail the transfer services offered by the same travel companies. They will pick you from the nearest spot where you are staying and can even be arranged to leave you at the same spot.

Not only this but you have plenty of other attractions in Brisbane

Not only this but you have plenty of other attractions in Brisbane

Not only the whale watching but also a number of other tourist activities have made the Brisbane the most attractive spot worldwide. The city offers you all the adventure and activities to give the supreme holiday experience. Those looking for some adventurous towering activity then you can choose the Story bridge Adventure climb which is around 150 minutes run and takes the travelers to the top of the bridge from there can have the panoramic view of the Brisbane city, its adjoin mountains and rivers.

Why Whale Watching Brisbane

Those looking for some air activities may go for the hot air balloon. They are one of the major highlights of the Brisbane and you also have many other options  such as aircraft flights you give you the real adventure experience of the wonders of the Brisbane. Other activities such as kayaking, rock climbing and sightseeing all can be enjoyed in the city of Brisbane.

For the true and real experience of the whale watching, Brisbane is the right destination for your holiday. If you want more and want to have a closer experience then you can go the various flexible cruise options. The above details will make you clear about the Cruise and whale watching.

Author Bio:- Claudia is a reputed name in the writing field. The author has eclectic experience in writing various topics related to Whale watching Brisbane. They try to make aware the travelers and tourists round the world about the necessary documents they need to carry while travelling.

Which type of holiday is right for you?

If you are currently in the planning phase of your next holiday, then you might be wondering where you should go. The only limit is your imagination as they say, but there are really only two types of holidays. Determining which type of holiday you want to go on will really depend on what you expect to get out of your holiday. If you are undecided, then keep reading because this article will help you decide which holiday is right for you. Read the rest of this entry »